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Expert transportation for damaged containers

Damage Container Transport in Purfleet, Tilbury and Nationwide

Here at KBC Logistics Ltd, we are experts in container transportation, offering logistics solutions to businesses across the UK.

Based in Purfleet, we have links to ports up and down the country and provide haulage services that keep supply chains moving. We have decades of experience behind us, so there is little we do not know about the challenges of container transportation and what it entails.

Due to the nature of container transportation, containers will inevitably undergo various stresses that result in damage over time. Nowhere is this more evident in the container casting, which is vital to ensure containers are lifted, stacked and secured safely. Damaged container casting means that a twist lock or other lifting mechanism will not fit properly, compromising the container and all the cargo inside.

Container Casting

Inexperienced container handling and general wear and tear often results in containers no longer being fit for purpose and requiring repair.  Our team has a specialist machine that can repair corner casting that has buckled, deformed, cracked, torn or loosened. This machinery helps extend the life span of a container and allows cargo to be transported securely from one destination to another.

ISO shipping containers are all fitted with container castings across all eight corners. Not only used for lifting, this structural element of the container also acts as connection points, enabling them to be stacked on top of each other, providing stability during storage and transportation. Scuffs, dents and gorges do not usually require repair – it is only if they compromise the container casting that action must be taken.

Other Types of Container Damage

Container damage is a broad term and can be defined as anything that affects its structural integrity or the condition of the cargo inside. Below are some examples of what else can cause container damage.

Bad Stowing

Bad stowing might mean that the container has been poorly loaded. For example, there has been poor distribution of weight or the cargo has been secured ineffectively.


Cargo may be contaminated by pests or bad odours left behind by a previous load.

Bad weather

Water can penetrate the container walls, causing rust which weakens the container's overall strength and leaving it vulnerable to buckling.

Why Choose KBC Logistics Ltd?

There are several reasons why businesses turn to our transport company for logistics nationwide:

We have over 30 years of collective experience in the logistics industry

We are highly reliable and efficient

Our services are available 24/7

We work with global corporations to manage complex supply chains

We pride ourselves on our customer-focused approach that will always find the transport solutions you need

We have an extensive range of container haulage vehicles, including low-loaders and lightweight trailers

All our services are fully insured and guaranteed

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