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Nationwide CARGO HANDLING Services

Cargo Handling - Devanning & Restacking Services in Purfleet, Tilbury and Nationwide

Do you require professional devanning services for your business?

Here at KBC Logistics, we are experts in container unloading, cargo handling and pallet restacking. Container devanning is a term used in the logistics industry to describe the removal of cargo from a sealed container, while the process can also be referred to as unstuffing or stripping. Usually performed at the destination warehouse, container devanning is an essential element of container transport to keep your supply chain moving.

On the surface, unloading a container might sound straightforward; however, it requires a high amount of skill and expertise, best delivered by a professional logistics company well-versed in cargo handling. If container devanning is not approached properly, it can result in damaged goods and potential injury. Thankfully, KBC Logistics have a highly competent team that can perform the task efficiently without compromising on safety and duty of care.

Container Unloading Services

We are licenced to deliver goods to depots and warehouses nationwide, providing devanning services to 250+ clients. Major blue chip companies trust us to handle their cargo, knowing that we use tried and tested methods to make the process as seamless as possible.

Devanning being an essential part of the distribution process, it is often incorporated into warehouse management systems to keep stock levels monitored and goods and products flowing. We can help alleviate the pressure of your business, taking care of all of this for you. Tailoring our services to your business means you can rest assured that container unloading is in experienced hands.

Our staff can meet logistical challenges head-on, dealing with time pressures whilst remaining calm under pressure. We are problem solvers, who believe that a solution can always be found no matter what.

Pallet Restacking Services

Our pallet restacking services are available across all locations where pallets need loading or restacked safely in a container. Poorly stacked pallets or those that have become unstable during transportation can result in damaged cargo and pose a risk to anyone attempting to unload the other end. In some cases, the goods may even be rejected on arrival, causing delays both timely and economically.

Our experienced team are proficient in pallet stacking and can safely unload and reload cargo. We are also experienced in working with a variety of goods. We inspect each pallet and use mechanised forklifts to restack them effectively to ensure goods can be distributed without delay.

Why Choose KBC Logistics Ltd?

There are several reasons why businesses turn to our transport company for logistics nationwide:

We have over 30 years of collective experience in the logistics industry

We are highly reliable and efficient

Our services are available 24/7

We work with global corporations to manage complex supply chains

We pride ourselves on our customer-focused approach that will always find the transport solutions you need

We have an extensive range of container haulage vehicles, including low-loaders and lightweight trailers

All our services are fully insured and guaranteed

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